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We enhance the quality of your broadcasts by creating exceptional physical, virtual and digital environments for TV. Through our expertise in digital backdrops, Lightwell adds amazing space, depth and interest to sets for the BBC, ITV, Sky Sports, Al Jazeera and green screen TV studios across the world.

We can do the same for your set. In Lightwell’s highly skilled hands, any TV or web broadcasting studio can be quickly brought to vivid life. By creating a set that supports your brand and reflects your content, we will improve your production and enhance your viewers’ experience – regardless of studio scale or your budget.

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What we do:

In an increasingly tech-savvy and graphic-literate world, Lightwell meet producers’ and viewers’ high expectations for visual sophistication. We achieve this through beautifully designed physical sets, through virtual set design and digital backdrops.

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How we do it:

To Lightwell, it all comes down to the shot that appears on screen. We understand how TV works, what makes a good shot, and what your set needs to enhance your broadcast. We work with you to deliver a dynamic, engaging, flexible and relevant set that is both visually immersive and technically effective.

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Why we do it:

Lightwell are passionate about seeing good design on screen. We thrive on maximising opportunities to create something great, whether it's working with existing designs, or starting from scratch. We flourish under the trust our clients put in us to create TV and web sets that live and breathe.

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