As part of an entire ITV channel re-brand, Lightwell was asked to design and prepare a new virtual interior set and newsroom for ITV News.


Our challenge was to adapt the concept into a workable architectural interior design. The newsroom had to adhere to a concept design created by Jago Design, and the new brand colours created by Lambie Nairn. It also had to be fully integrated into ITN’s new inner virtual studio.

ITV News virtual set design


Using Jago Designs concepts as a starting point, we began by creating designs in 3D. As the ITN inner studio was made of neutral colours, it was imperative our newsroom also co-ordinated the ITV News brand lighting and material palette to ensure this architectural space was true to the brand.

We used pre-rendered lighting for its effectiveness and populated the set with animated monitor footage supplied by ITN. We enhanced the presence of the brand colours by including night-vision footage tinted to match brand colours. Working in close, daily contact with ITN’s graphics team, we ensured a seamless fit with the wider virtual set. Throughout, all materials and lighting were combined to achieve an interior space in which the colours matched the brands colour references exactly – never an easy task.

ITV News virtual set design


Whilst the previous ITV news design had been abstract and clearly virtual, the new design was real in scale and photoreal in its presentation. The client was delighted with the result, so much so we have since worked with them on other projects including virtual sets for the 2015 General Election.

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