We were approached by Al Jazeera to design and prepare an animated digital backdrop for its night-time news bulletins. We met the short lead time with spectacular results.


Al Jazeera requested a newsroom scene to provide depth and visual interest, with lighting to enhance the look and feel of the night-time slot. Commissioned with only a few weeks until the launch of the new studio, this was a really tight schedule. We had to work quickly.


We immediately prepared sketches of single and double-storey interior spaces. After presenting to the client, we quickly settled on the double height space as the most effective solution. Because the scene was to be HD and projected onto a medium format screen, we could include more detail, lighting and reflection effects.

Like the studio set, the architecture was mainly white, with gold and saffron accents taken from the Al Jazeera brand colours. We then lit the scene with a predominantly blue cast, accentuating the night-time look whilst also providing a more complementary background for the presenters. Animated characters seated within the scene, and monitors filled with footage sourced from the news channels library, provided motion.


We designed and prepared the scene in time for launch. Just as important, we delivered footage for testing and rehearsals. Launched early 2013, this backdrop is still in use and looks as relevant and up to date as when first designed. It remains one of our most significant and popular designs.

This project was built using:
Autodesk 3DS Max
Chaos Group Vray
Adobe After Effects

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